We'll get Netsuite talking to anything with an api...

Why Integrate? Automation, together with consolidation of data across multiple tools are chiefly what drive the need to integrate. No one software caters to all requirements, 100% of the time. Couple that with the hard truth that all manual input equals error and inefficiency and it becomes immediately apparent that companies who fail to automate will be left behind.

What? We can integrate Netsuite with literally anything over HTTP. Whether it is to (1) share and consolidate data across tools [ERP, CRM, WMS, HR, Banking] (2) process and aggregate data outside of Netsuite to work within service tier restrictions, or (3) throttle HTTP traffic for high volume scenarios, we’ve got you covered.

How? Netsuite provides various data transfer options ranging from the simple to the more complex. The decision to use CSV import, Restlet, SuiteTalk REST/SOAP depends on many factors. Volume and frequency of data exchange, your Netsuite service tier, inhouse SuiteScript expertise, performance considerations… the list is endless. For external services we prefer developing in Node or Golang (for high volume, performance critical applications), but we’re flexible.