Account Customisations

We eat SuiteScript for breakfast...

Why Customise? Netsuite’s SuiteScript apis allow for powerful account customisations, to extend core record functionality, and build complex business logic. The possibilities here are really endless. You could CRUD core transactions en masse, automate complex financial and operational business processes, craft approval flows, schedule cron style jobs, sync core data with third party software. Not many ERP tools allow you to customise at this level of complexity, using modern JavaScript.

What? All core and custom records are accessible via the apis. This makes it possible to manage and manipulate customer/supplier/employee data, item records, invoices, payments, journals, sales/purchase orders & every custom record imaginable. You’ll actually be hard-pressed to find a Netsuite record that is not customisable through SuiteScript.

How? The SuiteScript apis expose a number of script types, each well suited towards a specific set of use cases. Knowing when to use what, ie Suitelet, Restlet, User Event, Map/Reduce or Client Script, will ensure you are leveraging the power of each, using it for its intended purpose, all the while respecting script governance guidelines and most importantly retaining a lean and performant Netsuite account. The last thing you want is a bloated account, with ridiculous loading times. We’ve read the manual, and take great care in building robust, modular account customisations that will sky rocket your operational efficiency, rather than set it back.