Continuous Integration

Copy, paste Netsuite deployments are a thing of the past.

Version control We cannot stress the importance of enabling version control to track your Netsuite projects enough. This point should simply be non-negotiable, and the little investment in doing so will soon pay divindends. Tracking your code in this way gives you full control over your Netsuite releases, gives you plus points with the auditors, and is the precursor to being able to deploy continuously, and with confidence.

SDF Netsuite’s SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) is an incredibly powerful tool for deploying both SuiteScripts and Custom Objects to your Netsuite accounts. An entire Netsuite account customisation including all your custom records, lists, fields and scripts could be converted into a repository of .js files and .xml objects, essentially enabling you to manage your Netsuite account directly from your IDE. Arguably there is a steep learning curve to SDF, and it does have its limitations, but we know it inside out, and we’d love to help you take advantage of it’s huge potential.

CI/CD The cli versions of SDF finally make it possible to adopt best-in-class test and deployment practices. With the right setup, you can now automatically deploy small increments or entire Netsuite features (just as you would with SuiteBundler), simply by merging to a specific branch. Combine the use of a hosting version control platform, a tool for continuous integration, unit and integration tests, and a couple of our own extensions to glue everything together, and you have yourself an industry standard continuous integration setup for your Netsuite deployments.