Shopify Integration with Netsuite

Demo of the Boomi platform using their Netsuite Shopify Connector template

This blog post will take a look at the Boomi bundle for connecting Netsuite with Shopify. Bundles are pre-built integrations to help you get up and running with a Netsuite Shopify connector with minimal effort, no coding required. The template comes with everything you need to implement a reliable Shopify Netsuite integration, however it could easily be tweaked to cater for any custom requirements you may have. In fact, you can extend the integration to your heart’s content, which is what I love about Boomi, it is extremely flexible.

I will run through some of the Processes which are installed with the bundle, and at the same time, detail some of the tools Boomi gives you for building complete Netsuite integrations.

Netsuite Shopify connector review

I’ve split the content into 2 videos, one which goes through inventory items, and the other that handles sales orders. A similar process is followed for both record types, namely, if items already exist in Shopify at the time of syncing, then they will be updated, otherwise new products are created. The same goes for sales orders (going into Netsuite).

Some other actions common to both videos that I cover are:

  • how to set up queries to Netsuite to access a saved search in the account, or to query specific resources by some filter criteria
  • how to make use of the Boomi Cache to handle create/update paths separately and also reference stored objects to retrieve certain properties
  • how to transform data from one format (or profile) to another, and set up field mappings
  • how to use map functions for date formatting
  • how to inspect logs to view data that’s moved from one step to the next
  • how to catch and handle erros using Try/Catch

Video #1 - Item Sync

In this first video I run through:

  • Bundle Installation - installing the Netsuite Shopify bundle from the Discover marketplace.
  • Connection Components - hooking Boomi up to your Netsuite and Shopify accounts using connection components and the required tokens for each platform
  • Pulling Inventory Items and Product catalogue from Netsuite and Shopify
  • Syncing Netsuite Inventory Items to Shopify Products

Video #2 - Sales Order Sync

Video 2 tackles:

  • Syncing Shopify Sales Orders to Netsuite Sales Orders including alternate create/update paths
  • Querying Netsuite for existing Sales Orders
  • Pulling Sales Orders from Shopify


Here are some of the things I like about the platform:

  1. Boomi provides all the components you need for building a Netsuite integration. Every shape represents a different kind of action, and these could be brought together on the canvas to create complex programs
  2. Logging/Debugging - data can be viewed from one step to the other, inspecting how your data is being transformed from source to destination is invaluable. (not all the popular tools on the market give you this kind of visibility which is a deal breaker imo)
  3. Error Handling - error messages are accurate, Try/Catch blocks could be used to catch and handle errors accordingly
  4. Prebuilt connectors to all the popular tools
  5. Intuitive UI
  6. The drag and drop canvas allows you to build complex integration logic with possibility to execute multiple paths.
  7. Mature platform means you often find articles solving common issues as you encounter them, a huge time saver.

Honestly the list goes on and on.

Please reach out if you have any questions on the tool, or whether you’re considering investing in a Netsuite integration platform for your business. The price is worth every penny, and I’d love to tell you why.

Buy well, buy once.